Seminars from MTL

April 11, 2018
MTL Seminar Series
Micro and Nano Manufacturing for Sensing and Energy Applications
Liwei Lin, UC Berkeley
  • Liwei Lin
  • Leveraging from the core MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) technologies, my groups has been working on micro/nano manufacturing toward practical applications, such as the synthesis, assembly and integration of 1D and 2D nanostructures for pressure and gas sensing devices; 1D piezoelectric nanofibers as nanogenerators; self-aligned 1D nanostructures for energy storage systems; and 3D-printed wireless sensors.

  • Liwei Lin received his PhD degree in 1993 from UC Berkeley. His group has been working on the design, modeling and fabrication of micro/nano structures, sensors and actuators, and mechanical issues in micro/nano systems including heat transfer, solid/fluid mechanics and dynamics.