Seminars from MTL

September 21, 2016
MTL Seminar Series
Dynamics and Challenges of Silicon Substrate Design and Manufacturing
Mayank Bulsara, SunEdison Semiconductor Limited
  • Mayank Bulsara
  • The silicon (Si) industry relies upon advanced materials to fabricate microelectronics at very high manufacturing yields and low cost. The interconnection between the properties of starting Si and chip fabrication processes has risen in importance due to the narrower process margins. This talk will give an overview of the Si substrate industry and the dynamics of introducing new Si substrate technology into the fast-paced Si microelectronics industry.

  • Dr. Mayank Bulsara is Chief Scientist of SunEdison Semiconductor (SSL), one of the largest starting Si materials manufacturers in the world. As a member of the SSL’s Executive Leadership Team, Dr. Bulsara is responsible for identifying and guiding new technology opportunities into sustainable innovations with concrete business propositions.