Seminars from MTL

March 22, 2017
MTL Seminar Series
How to go from a Promising MEMS R&D Technology to a Game Changing Product
Stephen Lloyd, InvenSense
  • Stephen Lloyd
  • Since its inception in 2003, InvenSense has grown to be the #1 supplier of inertial MEMS sensors for mobile phones in 2016. Along the way we introduced a string of worlds-first products and now offer a diversified selection of sensors. I will cover what worked and what didn't work, hopefully providing some valuable insight for anyone looking to take a new technology to market.

  • Stephen Lloyd is currently VP of Engineering at InvenSense. His team designs MEMS inertial, audio, environmental, and biometric sensor products for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications including mobile phones, AR/VR, drones, wearables, IOT, toys, robotics and vehicle navigation and safety. Steve has over 29 years of experience working in the Semiconductor industry in various design and management roles at a range of companies from startups to large public businesses.