January 31, 2018

3:20–3:30pm Welcome and introductions
Prof. Jesús del Alamo
3:30–3:45pm Simprint Nanotechnologies: nanoimprint lithography research
Hayden Taylor (Founder)
3:45–4:00pm BMF Material Technology: micro/nano 3-D printing technology, overturning traditional manufacturing
He Xiaoning (CEO/co-Founder)
4:00–4:15pm Advanced Silicon Group: nanotechnology for the next generation of solar PV, biosensors, batteries, and beyond
Marcie Black (CEO/co-Founder)
4:15–4:30pm C2Sense: a sense of smell for the digital world
Jan Schnorr (CEO/co-Founder)
4:30–4:45pm Analog Photonics: silicon photonics leader on 12″ wafers
Mike Watts (President/CEO)
4:45–5:00pm Ubiquitous Energy: truly transparent solar
Miles Barr (CEO/co-Founder)
5:00–5:15pm LiquiGlide: revolutionizing the way liquids move
Alex Ewing (COO)
5:15–5:30pm Xtalic: providing a path to a higher performing, lower costand more sustainable future
Robert Hilty (Vice President of Research and Development)
5:30–5:35pm Photo in reception space
5:35–6:45pm Reception