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Who is behind the Ultra Wideband Project?

Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

  • Manish Bhardwaj (Digital baseband)
  • Denis Daly (RF Circuits and Clocking)
  • Patrick Mercier (RF Circuits and Digital baseband)
  • Helen Liang (System integration)

Former Graduate Students

  • Brian Ginsburg (A/D converter)
  • Sinit Vitavasiri (Digital baseband)
  • Raul Blazquez-Fernandez (Digital baseband)
  • Vivienne Sze (Digital baseband)
  • Fred Lee (RF circuits)
  • David Wentzloff (RF circuits)
  • Nathan Ackerman (Discrete Prototype)
  • Johnna Powell (Antenna)
  • Puneet Newaskar (A/D converter)

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Miranda Ha (Discrete Prototype)
  • Christian Deonier (Discrete Prototype)
  • Kyle Gilpin (Digital back-end)
  • Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Group Photo

From left to right:
Back row - Brian, Fred, Johnna. Front row - Raul, David

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