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Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems

The MIT Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems Group led by Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan is involved with the design and implementation of various integrated systems ranging from ultra low-power wireless sensors and multimedia devices to high performance processors. Research spans across multiple levels of abstraction ranging from innovative new process technologies and circuit styles to architectures, algorithms, and software technologies. A key focus of this group is developing energy efficient integrated solutions for battery operated systems.


Biomedical Electronics

The Platforms for Ultra-Low-Power Biomedical Electronics team leverages highly digital techniques to increase energy efficiency of circuits and systems used in physiological sensing and activation. The broad scope of the group covers the IC design and platform integration of stimulation circuits, instrumentation front ends, analog-to-digital converters, digital signal processors, electronic textiles, and wireless transceivers.

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Terminal 2020

Multimedia applications, such as video playback, computational photography and speech processing, are becoming increasingly pervasive on battery-operated portable multimedia devices such as smartphones and tablets. High computational complexity of such applications requires efficient hardware implementations for real-time energy-efficient processing. The Terminal 2020 project explores power reduction techniques at various design stages (algorithms, architectures and circuits) to enable efficient integration of such applications on portable devices.

Self-Powered Wireless Sensors

Sensing, data processing, and communication are essential functions of a useful sensor node, whether used in industrial, health or sports monitoring applications. Long battery lifetimes are required for these sensors, and the small size requirements imply small energy storage/harvesting capability. This project aims to achieve energy self-sufficiency through system level optimizations including energy harvesting and processing circuits, sensor interfaces and ADCs, RF transmitters and wireless protocol design.

Energy-efficient Energy Processing Circuits

The focus in this area is design techniques and architecture-level solutions to achieve energy-efficient systems and circuits. We also focus on efficient energy processing systems. The broad scope of the group covers ultra-low-power memories, many-core energy-aware processors, 3D-IC integration, interconnects, wireless circuits, integrated switched capacitor power converters, energy-processing and characterization of GaN devices for power converters.


Mehul Tikekar, Chao-Tsung Huang, Vivienne Sze and Anantha Chandrakasan's paper recognized as one of the Top 10% at ICIP 2014.

Georgios Angelopoulos, Arun Paidimarri, Anantha Chandrakasan and Muriel Médard win Best Paper Award at ICC 2013.

Professor Anantha Chandrakasan receives 2013 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award.